This site is operated by Marubeni Corporation to introduce our total service provider for the mining equipment business.

Our Commitment to High Availability

The quality of product support is chiefly dependent upon the quality of the people providing that product support. ZAMine’s technical experts have many years of experience working on mining equipment. This experience allows our experts to not only provide daily maintenance and handle routine issues, but also to constantly monitor the condition of your equipment and quickly catch and tackle any potential troubles at an early stage. This expert ability to recognize changes in your equipment allows our specialists to address small issues before they grow into large problems.

Maintenance And Repair Contract (MARC)

ZAMine provides long-term guarantee services, Maintenance And Repair Contracts (MARC), in order to give assurances for high availability and reasonable equipment management costs. These are comprehensive contracts to undertake all services including periodical inspections and maintenance, planned overhauls, troubleshooting, and the replacement of worn or deteriorated parts and components at a predefined rate in order to give peace of mind and stable profitability to our customers.


Safety Procedure