About Us

ZAMine is a total service provider for the mining equipment business. As a subsidiary of the Marubeni Group, ZAMine has access to resources and capital that many other mining support providers would not. Marubeni has a 150 year history and is currently one of the 200 largest companies in the world* with offices and subsidiaries in more than 60 countries. With access to this worldwide business network and financial power, ZAMine is well positioned to provide end-to-end service for almost any needs our customers may have.
*FORTUNE GLOBAL 500(2017): Ranked in 116



Marubeni Corporation
Office Address 7-1, Nihonbashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel +81-3-3282-2111
URL http://www.marubeni.com/

South America


ZAMine Service Peru S.A.C.

Initial investment in 2000 in the company's predecessor HCMAP (Hitachi Construction Machinery America Peru), acquired 100% capital in 2011; proven success and know-how in over 15 years of mining product support.

Head office Lima Peru
Address Av. La Encalada Nro. 1420 Edif. Polo Hunt II-Of. 801 - Santiago de Surco, Lima, Perú
Tel +51-436-5442
URL www.zamineperu.com



ZAMine Service Chile SpA.

Incorporated in 2014 under ZAMine Service Peru S.A.C;
Introduction of Hitachi qualified machines and proven mining product support know-how in Peru to Chilean Mining Customers.

Head office Santiago, Chile
Address Av. Andres Bello 2687, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Tel +56-2-2763-6300
Fax +56-2-2203-9131



ZAMine Services LLC

Incorporated in 2010 as the joint venture company of Tavan Bogd Group and Marubeni Corporation, based in Ulan Bator; has been providing support in the mining business sector, mainly in coal, iron ore, gold, and copper mining throughout Mongolia.

Head office Ulan Bator (Mongolia)
Address Fides Tower 11th floor,Gegeenten Complex Zaisan Road-202, 15th Khorooo, Khan-Uul District, Ulaanbaatar 210136, Mongolia
Tel +976-7588 -3370
Fax +976-7577-3380
URL www.zamineservices.com



Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty., Ltd.

Acquired capital in 1991; proven success and know-how in over 25 years of mining product support business.

Head office Greystanes, New South Wales (Australia)
Address Building 3, 1 Foundation Place, Greystanes, NSW 2145, Australia
Tel +61-2-8863-4800
Fax +61-2-8863-4890
URL www.hitachi-c-m.com/au/

South America



Chaneme Comercial S.A. spun off its mining division, and established CHM MINERIA S.A.S.("CHM"), May,2013. Marubeni participated in CHM operation since July 2013.

Head office
Av. de las Americas No. 50 - 51, Bogota, Colombia
Tel +57-1-4470555
Fax +57-1-4470798
Calle 30 # 6B - 25, Barranquilla, Colombia
Tel +57-5-366-4900
Fax +57-5-363-7167
URL www.chmmineria.com.co
Other Group Companies

South America


Marubeni Brasil S.A.

Started Hitachi Mining Dealership in July 2017 to provide better solutions to customers all across Brazil with support by ZAMine companies.

Office Address Praia de Botafogo, 228-1109B-CEP, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel +55-21-2559-7706
URL http://www.marubeni.com/company/network/brasil_company/