This site is operated by Marubeni Corporation to introduce our total service provider for the mining equipment business.

Quick Response

With the current high global demand for natural resources, mining businesses must be fast, agile, and sure-footed in order to get a project off the ground in the most efficient and effective manner. No matter if this needs to happen in a blistering desert, frozen tundra region, mountainous hinterland, or in any location and under any condition,
ZAMine will always take care of our customers’ requirements quickly and completely.

ZAMine can swiftly establish a local corporation and organize a support system with first-class engineers, the latest maintenance equipment, and a vast stock of parts and components. ZAMine can provide high-quality product support and services by fully utilizing the resources and know-how of the entire Marubeni Group, which consists of a network with strong, worldwide business connections and the capital strength to make large-scale equipment investments possible.