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ZAMine Service Peru S.A.C. supplies first electric drive shovels in Americas

ZAMine Service Peru S.A.C. (“ZAMine”), the local dealer and distributor for Hitachi mining equipment in Peru, delivered three units of electric drive hydraulic mining shovels, EX5600E-6LD (Face Shovel) to Mina Justa copper Project, in mid-2019.

The machines are serving as main material-loading equipments of the Project. Under the LPP contract, ZAMine has been providing a necessary inventory of main components and spare parts in the mine and REMAN CENTER (located in Lurín of Lima) as well as reliable technical support to ensure high level of machine availability and productivity.

The delivery of hydraulic-electric shovels is a milestone for ZAMine to achieve sustainable mining – providing that this series of shovels support green environment with zero-emission electric drive motor.

About Mina Justa copper Project
Mina Justa is a greenfield copper project under construction located in the Ica Province of Peru, near the town of Nazca, which is home of the world-famous Nazca Lines. The project is being developed by Marcobre, a joint venture between Minsur SA (60%) and Alxar Internacional SpA (40%).

The project will be reaching an average production of 149,000 tons of copper concentrate and 58,000 tons of copper cathodes annually.